Keith Kent is a designer who likes sleeping and looking out the window.

He runs a succesful design firm, and he considers irreverence his best trait. He also likes Batman. But not Superman.

If you would like to know more (about Keith, not Batman or Superman) please visit Especially if you are a serious business person - it's much more professional over there.

You've been a great audience. Thanks.

Important Stuff

I have a lego watch. It's a beauty. I like watching time-shifted TV. Makes me feel like a time traveller. I’m not a silly person. I hate buzzwords and jargon. Synergy. My favorite past-time is laughing. I’m from Cork. Diversity is good. I have a childlike manner of mispronouncing words. It’s a hoot. I’ve never seen a reality-television show. This has to be worth points, right? My earliest recollection of branding was seeing Batman in the cinema (1989) and then playing the game on my Amiga 500. I still love Batman. Good branding.

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